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Transparency is a feature rich and crisp blogger template, it has a neat design that gives a blog a very organized feel. The blog starts with a navigation bar that has a hover on effect, this is placed on the left while the right hand side has a subscribe to RSS link.

Below that is the blog title on the left with the blog description under it while on the right hand side is a neatly placed small about me section that can hold a thumbnail image and has a more link that can lead to the about page for example.

There is a tiny spacer after this section and then you have a separate box for a featured post, this as well holds a medium sized image and has a read more link. After the featured box the template divides into the main column and the side column on the right.

The main column starts off with the post date on the left and the right hand side is the comments count followed by the post headline. The post body ends with the labels in a separator, followed by the next posts date and comment count. The drawback of transparency is that there is no default search bar built into it so you will have to create one or put in a google custom search bar.

Theres nothing great about the sidebar, no special features except that it starts as a single column template and then divides into two columns, you can add any widgets that you like in it, but overall the template does have a very pleasant feel.

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