Masinop Blogger Theme
Masinop is a simple black and white 2 column template, and what makes it really interesting is the top multi-coloured bar. The theme doesn't have a header as such, except small space on the top left corner to add the blog title, and below that appears the sidebar.

The main column comes on the right side has a white background with standard features, except that every post starts off with an arrow protruding in the left column. The post has the date stamp, labels and comments below the headline. The left hand sidebar starts off with the subscription icons, email, RSS and readers can also subscribe to your twitter, and then comes the regular search box.

This template's navigation menu comes in the sidebar, instead of coming at the top of the blog. You can put your labels, archives or comments, or ad in the side column. Masinop is a nice and simple theme, so if your blog has less content this template is ideal.

Download the Masinop Blogger Theme


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