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Its rare to have a two column template that can display a lot of your content, so when you come across a template called Magazeen, you automatically expect it to feature a lot of content but does this template live upto its name? In short not really a Magazine template, but definetly worth trying out on a blog that does not feature too much content!

Don't get me wrong the template definely is cooler than most two columns, not just because of its jazzy design theres something more to it than just that. But lets start off from the begining, the header holds the blog title, the description is above it while a search bar is embedded on the right in it.

Under that is a navigation menu that spans the width of the page and also has a hover on effect. On the right of the menu is a tiny RSS icon, under the navigation bar is a beautiful thumbnail display of your featured posts. This display spans the width of the blog as well that can feature over eight of your favorite posts, with a mouse hover there is a shadow effect as well as the headline of the post is displayed over it.

The post section features a huge portion for comments, hopefully you have a lot of commentators on your blog, or a huge icon like this one with a 0 in it will be quite ridiculous. The big headline is above it and on the right hand side of it is the Author and Time Stamp.

Under the post area, there is a thin line dividing it from the read more link that is placed on the left and the labels are on the right. The sidebar is fairly normal and apart from that the next interesting part in the template is the footer that is divided into two sections. One section that holds the categories has a beautiful hover on change, the other side can be used to hold any widget you like as well.

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