The CrystalX Blogger Theme

The CrystalX theme is a bright two column template that has a simple design but is elegant in a way. The template features a sidebar on the right and a header that accomidates not just the blog title and description but also a custom search bar, I feel you should put in your code there to earn a lil more from adsense.

Apart from that we have a nice navigation menu that spans the entire width of the blog. The RSS feed is there on the top right of the sidebar, the headline has a strip of blue as well as each widget heading in the sidebar. The hover on effect of the sidebar is quite nice as well.

Apart from that the flow of the blog colour from the headline to the bottom of the blog is quite nice. The time stamp, comments and author links are perched just below the headline with some neat icons.

At the bottom of the blog there is an icon that scrolls the blog all the way to the top when clicked, overall its a pleasent design and yet another from!

Download the CrystalX Blogger Theme


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