Windows XP Profesional Live - 3rd Edition

Portable Operating System | Size : 55 MB | File type: ISO (need to burn on cd)
Windows XP Profesional Live Edition
Is just like like well known Micorsoft Windows XP Professional. The only difrence is this version can run directly from CD. Just Burn this ISO on cd rom...insert CD in your cd drive.....Restart pc with using cd rom as 1st boot device...and you have xp will directly run from CD !!! Support of all operational systems from Mcft Win9X/NT/2000/XP and, accordingly, file systems FAT/FAT32/NTFS/CDFS.

Microsoft promotes their NTFS format but does not give useful, user friendly tools to deal with it if you have a problem. NTFS is now the common format for new XP systems. It is very good, but is not visible if you boot from a floppy or other emergency CD.
Well here is a solution for you. This is the XP recovery CD you have been looking for.

What it can do:
* Recover data from corrupt windows system
* Will not write to hard drives by default, in case you need to undelete
* Works with NTFS and FAT formatted drives
* Recover deleted NTFS & FAT32 files (undelete)
* Copy files that are damaged (read errors are ignored)
* Edit the registry of your damaged computer (experts only)
* Internet Explorer can be used to make remote connections
* USB drives supported
* TCP/IP network
* most SCSI, RAID and SATA supported
* Dynamic or static IP
* Defragment drives
* Scandisk, format and partition drives
* Restore backups done by Windows backup
* Backup your system
* Restore registry from restore points
* Change any login password without knowing original password
[Never believe Windows 2000, XP or 2003 can be locked]
* File sharing
* FTP server
* Remove adware, virus and worms
* Fix master boot record
* Uninstall windows updates

What it will Not do:

* No Sound
* No Games
* No Printing
* No Wifi support
* No Installing O/S on hard drive
* No Playing movies
* No Java or ActiveX
* No Installing additional software
* Not a Replacement for a full installation of XP
Remember this is only a recovery tool.
We are not selling Windows, you get that from Microsoft

Everything runs and loads from the CD, it does not ”install”.
It is slow so be patient. This is not how Windows operates normally. Remember everything is running from the CD.


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