Faronics Anti-Executable v2.30.000.317

Anti-Executable offers a revolutionary method to keep users on task and highly productive. Using its unique whitelist technology, Anti- Executable standardizes any environment by preventing all unauthorized or unwanted programs from being installed, regardless of whether they are downloaded from the Internet or introduced via any removable media.

Anti-Executable provides total system control, restricting the user's ability to run or install any new executable program. On install, Anti-Executable performs a deep scan of the computer and authorizes every executable on it. From that point on, any other executable program is deemed unauthorized and will not run or install.

* Automatically creates whitelist upon install
* Definition files do not need to be updated
* Full access to all computer functions
* Creates a log of all unauthorized installation attempts
* Restricts copying of any executable files to the desktop or any other area
* Restricts deletion or re-naming of any executable files
* Restricts the launch of executables from all or part of your network
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