7-Zip 9.03 alpha & 4.65 MultiLang 32-bit

Extract (with a PortableApps folder at the device's root) and run 7-ZipPortable.
Drive letter of editor's path updated (if you plug USB key in another computer).
You can Add Parameters in 7-ZipPortable.ini
If you have Notepad++Portable or UltraEditPortable in the same foder as 7-ZipPortable you can choose one of them as editor (F4) by changing one (not two) false to true in 7-ZipPortable.ini.
Edit 7-ZipPortable.ini to integrate in shell explorer while running.
Settings and integration of installed 7-Zip should be preserved.

Download Portable 7-Zip Alpha on Zone-DL (1.1 MB)
Download Portable 7-Zip Final on Zone-DL (1.1 MB)
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