Zixpk Blue Blogger Template

So this template not only have a great design, its fully loaded lets take a look at its features. A neat header, but an amazing navigation bar is what catches my fancy, as it spans the entire template and its background strip runs from the left to the right of the browser.

As you can see this template has already allocated spots for your advertisements. The posts on the main column have a separator on the top and the bottom. The posts start off with a big date line followed by the headline and the author, on the right is a nice blurb that holds the comment count.
Download the Zixpk Blue Blogger Template
Apart from that the sidebar starts of with a neat tabbed widget, where the tabs can only be seen with a mouse hover. It starts of as a single column sidebar and then breaks up into two. I like this template for its elegance, features and simplicity in design.


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