ImpreZZ Blogger Skin

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Well Gopal Raju is well know for his beautiful wordpress layouts and we are glad the Alvaris has converted it for us. This three column template may not have sliders and gliders like the Zinmag series but, its got outstanding design.

Theres a barely noticeable menu bar above the main column and two sidebars on the right hand side. The main column has a big post date icon on the left and ends with a nice strip of blue with the comments icon on the right.

The next column, the one in the middle is what gives life to this template, its widget header appears to wrap around the black column and makes it look somewhat like a modern building. The top of the column has an image that holds the blog title and can be replaced by yours.

The last column on the right hand side has a twitter follow me button as well as your latest twitter update for people to see. Go ahead and get Imprezzed!
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