The Firebug Blogspot Template

Download the Firebug Blogspot Template

Its rare to find a dark template that is colourful and well made at the same time, the use of colors in the Firebug theme makes it suitable for a modern art blog. The template itself looks like a piece of art if you ask me.

Not only is it beautiful its fully functional, well designed with a header that holds not only the blog title and description but an attractive searchbar that seems to be a little out of place on this template.

Under the header is the navigation link that plays with colors yet again. A bold headline lies under it with the post date, comment count and the author following below. The labels find themselves in a post seperator at the bottom of the post after that is a bunch of social bookmarking links that you can possibly reduce, but it doesn't look ugly even with all of them.

The sidebar starts off with a single column and branches into two, there are two unique boxes, one a subscribe to RSS and the other is an advertisment box available that holds thre 125 x 125 ads. The column then breaks into two parts, where you can place your widgets as well. I am pretty sure you like this theme, go ahead and download it!


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