Embouteilllage Blogger Template

Download the Embouteilllage Blogger Template
Another beautiful blogger template, it can never be said that blogspot does not have any beautiful templates because now Blogger Blog Templates has more than 100 beautiful blogger templates.

Anyway Embouteillage is a three column template with a bright red header, the blog title is where its suppose to be but the description finds itself on the extreme right of it. Just under that is a navigational menu that extends from the left to the right.

The main column holds a strong red headline, while tha author, time stamp, comments link and the labels find themselves at the bottom of the post adorned with a nice icon. The headers in the sidebar find themselves with a red lil arrow and a dotted seperator, the same seperator can be found at the bottom of the post.

If you digg dark themes then this one is one you may just like!


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