The Charcoal Blogger Template

The Charcoal blogger template is an artistic template with the color black as it essence. The template is extremly well designed, if you take a look at the top left corner we have a nice artistic design there.

Apart from that just below the header is the navigational menu, the top left of the post has a bright orange indicator, while the top right has the date holder. The bottom of every post has a jump to the top link, which is also present at the end of the template. The bottom left of the post has the comments counter, although the back to top icon and the comments icon are misaligned in Opera.

The sidebar is adorned with three icons on the top the RSS, Delicious and Technorati icons. The link lists on the sidebar have a hover on highlight, coming to think of it the blog is quite simple as well, I think it would make a good photoblogger template as well.

Download the Charcoal Blogger Template


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