Cake Recipe Blogger Theme

This is perhaps one of the most modern recipe templates for blogspot, it comes with a recent articles and recent comments widget built into it so yes definetly cool, do not forget the lovely design.

The template kicks off with a page navigation menu on the top left, in the middle right you have the blog title and description on a beautiful background with a massive yummy cake on the left as the header image.

The recent articles and comments are placed in the bottom middle to the right of the header. The two sidebars are located on the left and the right of the main column, each widget has a header that matches the design.

The post date appears with a little icon besides the headline, the author and labels apear under the headline with the comments at the end of the post. The template is quite simple apart from the header, leaving people to focus on the content.

Download the Cake Recipe Blogger Theme


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