BT Dark Green Blogspot Theme

Its not usual to see a template that uses fluorescent colours, so the BT Dark Green Theme is interesting more because of the choice of colours used rather than anything else. Its not an exceptional template as it lacks a third column, but it really uses the colours to suit the theme with the hover on for the page navigational links and the sidebar.

The header of the blog holds the blog title, navigation menu and the search bar in it. The main column start with "Latest Posts" as the title, after that is the post separator. The post title is simple with a faint date line appearing under it. I feel that the basic text color could have been a little lighter as it would be easier to read.

The posted by author, labels and comment links all appear at the bottom of the post. The good part about this template is the fonts and colors can be changed through the Fonts and Colors section of your blog's dashboard as well as the links in the header can be modified via the page element screen.

Download the BT Dark Green Blogspot Theme


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