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This template was originally created by Adii for wordpress, Adii claims to be the wordpress rockstar when it comes to css and designing templates. Take a look at this one its quite unique and modern with a range of features that will thrill you.

The Polaroid wordpress template has been ported to blogger by eblogtemplates. Now take a look at the screen shot of the header area of the skin. The top right has the feed and comments rss subscription links, do not forget to put in your own feed URL here from the page elements menu. The header is absolutely unique with the ability of having an image in the center integrated in a Polaroid frame with two text boxes on either side of it.
You can probably have one box to describer your site and the other could be the about me. The blog has three colors which helps it not to be to glittery, a nice grey strip runs just below the header that has all the links required to browse through the main categories or pages of your site. These links can be changed to suit your requirements from the Edit Html section in your blogger dashboard. Search for these links and replace the # with the links you would like. You can also change the text like About Me etc.


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